Not tak­ing con­trol of the AF point

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Don’t leave it up to the cam­era to de­cide where to fo­cus. It won’t know which fea­ture you want to be sharp in the pic­ture, and if there’s some­thing in front of the main sub­ject, or the back­ground is de­tailed, or there’s not a great deal of con­trast be­tween the main sub­ject and the rest of the pic­ture, then your Nikon may fo­cus on th­ese and not the sub­ject.

You’ll get more con­sis­tent re­sults if you tell your Nikon which part of the frame you want to fo­cus on. For ab­so­lute pre­ci­sion, choose a sin­gle AF point. The cen­tre spot is the most sen­si­tive, although not best-placed for the most dy­namic com­po­si­tions. For an off-cen­tre sub­ject, you’ll need to use the ‘fo­cus and re­com­pose’ method: point the cen­tral AF point on the sub­ject, half-press the shut­ter re­lease to lock the fo­cus, and then re­com­pose the shot.

Al­ter­na­tively, use an off-cen­tre AF point that cor­re­sponds with the po­si­tion­ing of the sub­ject in the frame. This is the best op­tion if you’re tak­ing pic­tures at close quar­ters; if you opt for the fo­cus-and-re­com­pose method in­stead, the shift in cam­era po­si­tion can mean that the point you locked fo­cus on is now at a dif­fer­ent dis­tance rel­a­tive to the po­si­tion of the sen­sor, and may ac­tu­ally be blurred.

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