For­get­ting to shield the eye­piece

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Did you know that light can en­ter the cam­era through the viewfinder and af­fect the ex­po­sure of a pic­ture? Most of the time this doesn’t present a prob­lem, as your face is glued to the back of the cam­era and shields the eye­piece, but if you switch to Live View, or fire the shut­ter us­ing a re­mote re­lease, then there’s a chance that light can leak through the viewfinder. The ef­fect is more ob­vi­ous in shots take over a long ex­po­sure, when strange, ghostly shapes and streaks can be burnt into the im­age, as can be seen in our pho­to­graph of a tree here.

Nikon rec­om­mends us­ing an eye­piece cap to block the viewfinder in th­ese cir­cum­stances, but you might not have one of th­ese to hand. It’s just as easy to drape a black lens cloth over the top of the cam­era in­stead – and you can use it to keep your lens clean, too!

A strong ND fil­ter such as the Lee Big Stop­per en­ables you to use a long ex­po­sure in bright sun­light, but this is what can hap­pen if you don’t keep the eye­piece cov­ered…

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