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Pop a sten­cil on your soft­box to cre­ate a but­ter­fly light trail

01 Make your sten­cil

Be­fore head­ing out, print out a ba­sic shape (we used a but­ter­fly) in white on a black back­ground, twice. The flash light will pen­e­trate the white area, but not the black. Tape the two print­outs to­gether, then to your soft­box, with the shape fac­ing the flash.

02 Lock the fo­cus

Wait un­til evening, or find an un­der­ground lo­ca­tion with an in­ter­est­ing wall to shoot against. Set up your tri­pod, and fo­cus on the wall. You may need a torch or sim­i­lar to help you do this, but once aut­o­fo­cus is achieved, switch to man­ual to lock it in place.

03 Let them fly!

Set the shut­ter speed to 10 secs, at ISO100, with an aper­ture that al­lows the back­ground to be seen. (We used f/11.) Set your Nikon’s self-timer, press the shut­ter re­lease and walk in front of the cam­era. Walk to­wards the lens, fir­ing the flash un­til you exit the shot.

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