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I read with in­ter­est your re­view of the Nikon D5500. In fact, I was so im­pressed I bought one! I would like to point out one thing re­gard­ing the touch­screen. The re­viewer cor­rectly pointed out that it’s pos­si­ble to al­ter set­tings via the touch­screen while us­ing the viewfinder.

I think this is a re­ally good fea­ture. I set it to aper­turepri­or­ity mode, so I can al­ter the aper­ture on screen or us­ing the dial. The point I would like to make is the re­viewer was wrong in say­ing it is pos­si­ble to al­ter set­tings with your nose. This can’t hap­pen be­cause only the right-hand side of the screen is us­able at this time. Your nose will touch the dis­abled left half. Eric McAlpine, via email Eric, thanks for the email. The re­view in is­sue 44 does make ref­er­ence to chang­ing set­tings with your nose, and you’re right that some set­tings are far enough away not to be an is­sue. The only el­e­ment that may be a prob­lem is the AF point se­lec­tor, which can be locked eas­ily to pre­vent be­ing altered. In this in­stance we per­haps needed to be more spe­cific in the re­view.

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