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I was won­der­ing if at any time you had pub­lished an in­dex of ar­ti­cles writ­ten? I have had mag­a­zines over the years that ei­ther pub­lished an in­dex ev­ery six months or did an an­nual in­dex of their ar­ti­cles giv­ing the ar­ti­cle name and what is­sue it was pub­lished in. I don't re­mem­ber see­ing any in the last cou­ple of years that I have been buy­ing N-Photo. It would be very help­ful. Sev­eral times I have had to go through my stack of N-Photo mag­a­zines look­ing for a par­tic­u­lar sub­ject. I oc­ca­sion­ally use the web­site, but then some­times one has to scroll through up to 140 ar­ti­cles to find the right one. If you do pub­lish an in­dex on the web­site I would ap­pre­ci­ate know­ing how to find it. John Meiers, via e-mail An in­dex isn’t some­thing we do at the mo­ment, John, but we could look at do­ing one in fu­ture. One of our read­ers, Gra­ham Reader, has put up his own in­dex to all our tu­to­ri­als at www.bygr.co.uk/info/mind. html and some of our ar­ti­cles are avail­able on­line, at www. dig­i­tal­cam­er­a­world.com. Would just like to get my hands on one of these cam­eras first lol. Keep up the good mag work.

One of the many rea­sons I bought a Df – no video.

Love be­ing able to shoot video AND pic­tures. Why not want both at your dis­posal? Don’t un­der­stand why some say they don’t want it. It’s al­ways nice to have it avail­able even if you don’t use it. You never know when you might! Any­way, I ac­tu­ally just recorded a small doc­u­men­tary at our lo­cal pub­lic li­brary. I was so im­pressed with the HD qual­ity of my D750. I was record­ing about 15 feet away from the in­ter­view­ers out­side and the built-in mic did a great job. How­ever, see­ing how great the D750 worked, I or­dered the Rode shot­gun mic. to go with it, to en­sure bet­ter au­dio.

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