Or­gan­ise your pho­tos

Ge­orge Cairns ex­plains how fil­ters can help you find favourite im­ages faster

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To make the most of Cap­ture NX-D’s Fil­ter tools you’ll need to spend time adding la­bels and ratings to your pho­tos. The best time to do this is just af­ter you’ve im­ported them af­ter re­turn­ing from a shoot or hol­i­day. As you cy­cle through the im­ages you can add star ratings, and by giv­ing your best shots a higher rat­ing and leav­ing re­jects with one or even no stars, you can be­gin a qual­ity-con­trol process that will be use­ful at the fil­ter­ing stage.

Be­yond the stars

You can also colour-code your pic­tures, and as­sign nu­mer­i­cal la­bels to them. You may de­cide that a la­bel with a higher num­ber in­di­cates a per­fect shot, while la­bels with lower val­ues sug­gest shots that need pro­cess­ing. Or you could la­bel a print-ready shot green and a re­ject red, for ex­am­ple. Al­ter­na­tively you could as­sign la­bels based on a par­tic­u­lar lo­ca­tion – it’s up to you how you use this ver­sa­tile sys­tem.

Once you’ve la­belled or rated a folder’s con­tents you can use Cap­ture NX-D’s fil­ter­ing tools to dis­play thumb­nails that match cer­tain cri­te­ria. You can fil­ter by rat­ing, la­bel or even meta­data – for ex­am­ple, you can find shots from a spe­cific cam­era, or im­ages cap­tured us­ing a cer­tain shut­ter speed.

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