Put the rat­ing and fil­ter tools through their paces

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Add star rat­ing

Browse to a folder on your PC. Its thumb­nails will be dis­played in Cap­ture NX-D. Choose View>Thumb­nail Size>Ex­tra Large. Click on a thumb­nail and press Shift plus a num­ber be­tween 1 and 5 to add a star rat­ing. Tap Shift plus 0 to re­move a rat­ing from a se­lected thumb­nail.

Add colour la­bel

Right-click on a file, select Ap­ply La­bels, and choose a la­bel ac­cord­ing to its num­ber or colour. In our ex­am­ple we’ve as­signed Cyan (5) to any shots that fea­ture wa­ter. You can also as­sign la­bels by press­ing keys be­tween 1 to 9. Each num­ber has its own colour.

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