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Al­though Kevin has been shoot­ing digitally for more than 10 years, there are as­pects of work­ing with film that he misses – and old habits he can’t break…

Do you still pre­fer film to dig­i­tal?

Well, in an ideal world I’d shoot film. I think with dig­i­tal there is a temp­ta­tion to repeat, but if you shoot on film there is a fi­nite num­ber of pic­tures. Also, if you’re shoot­ing peo­ple, with film they can’t say: “Can I have a look at that?” I hate show­ing peo­ple a pic­ture on the screen on the back of the cam­era, par­tic­u­larly when it’s some­one who is quite vain! When I shoot on dig­i­tal I shoot it as if I’ve got 36 frames in the cam­era. The rea­son is that for a long time the film coun­ters on my F3 cam­eras were bro­ken, so I’d count to 36 in my head so I’d know when I got to end of a roll. Even now, when I shoot on dig­i­tal I still count to 36, and I’m think­ing ‘I don’t need to do this!’ Are you a pho­tog­ra­pher who keeps ev­ery­thing, or do you delete as you go?

I keep it all! I couldn’t delete a pic­ture, be­cause that would be like putting a frame of film out and throw­ing it away. Why would you do that?

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