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Man­frotto’s 190 series of tripods is a pop­u­lar choice, thanks to a com­bi­na­tion of high qual­ity, price, weight and fea­tures that is hard to beat. The four-sec­tion 190 Go is a lighter, more com­pact take on this pop­u­lar de­sign, and will run along­side the tra­di­tional three- and four-sec­tion 190 series. It uses the lat­est tri­pod in­no­va­tions, which fil­ter through from lines such as the BeFree travel series.

The de­sign is sim­i­lar to that of the BeFree, with the same mech­a­nism that sees the legs fold around the cen­tral col­umn rather than hav­ing the col­umn drop down through the legs. This means that the tri­pod col­lapses down to 45cm when packed, com­pared with the Clas­sic 190 XPRO4’s 49cm. The weight is also re­duced by 400g, com­ing in at 1.7kg with­out a head. This does af­fect the over­all height, though: fully ex­tended the 190 Go reaches 146cm rather than the XPRO4’s 160cm. How­ever, build qual­ity and fin­ish are ex­cel­lent, and fea­tures such as the cen­tral col­umn ro­tat­ing through 90 de­grees make it ideal for macro work. It also has twist- rather than lever-locks.

The 190 Go is a wel­come evo­lu­tion of the al­ready ex­cel­lent 190 tri­pod.

Nissin Di700A + Air 1

West­cott’s ICE light chal­lenged con­ven­tional light­ing tech­niques, and the Flex will too. In essence it’s a piece of mal­leable ma­te­rial with 256 LEDs at­tached. There are two ver­sions, Tung­sten and Day­light, which pro­duce 1600 and 1900 Lux re­spec­tively. Both fea­ture a dim­mer to con­trol the power. A mount and dif­fuser are in­cluded, but the fun comes from shap­ing the Flex to cre­ate dif­fer­ent light­ing ef­fects. FIRST IM­PRES­SIONS: An in­ter­est­ing con­cept, but very ex­pen­sive.


£159, $199


Twist locks lock the 190 Go’s legs se­curely and are easy to ad­just, plus you can open all the sec­tions with one hand, mak­ing set­ting up much


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