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This month, Nikon mae­stro Michael Free­man ex­plains just why Live View is so use­ful…

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‘Look­ing at, not look­ing through’ is at the heart of us­ing Live View as an al­ter­na­tive to a D-SLR’s op­ti­cal viewfinder. Given that the SLR’s rai­son d’être is be­ing able to ac­tu­ally look through the lens at the ex­act scene you’re about to cap­ture, it might seem odd to side-step all that pen­tapris­mand-mir­ror en­gi­neer­ing in favour of an elec­tronic view, but Live View can be ex­tremely use­ful.

There is, of course, a new gen­er­a­tion of mirrorless cam­eras for those who feel the D-SLR de­sign has had its day, but for those of us still com­mit­ted to D-SLRs, it’s the ad­di­tional func­tion­al­ity of Live View that makes it so valu­able. This in­cludes be­ing able to shoot from awk­ward an­gles and pre­view ex­po­sure and colour bal­ance, plus live his­tograms, pre­ci­sion fo­cus­ing, and, with some cam­eras, the abil­ity to feed the view onto an­other dis­play.

None of th­ese fea­tures is life-chang­ing, but they are all use­ful in some sit­u­a­tions. The sheer va­ri­ety of func­tions shows what can be done with a live feed di­rect from the sen­sor, and the pos­si­bil­i­ties of elec­tronic dis­play. There will no doubt be more clever func­tions to come, and the con­tin­ual tin­ker­ing and im­prove­ments by Nikon and other man­u­fac­tur­ers ac­counts for the dif­fer­ent Live View op­tions be­tween mod­els.

There’s also, of course, the very dif­fer­ent ex­pe­ri­ence of shoot­ing with a two-di­men­sional frame, and many peo­ple find this closer to the fi­nal prod­uct, and so eas­ier to com­pose with. How­ever, be­fore we all go out and buy a CSC, the still-strong ar­gu­ment for the D-SLR is the di­rect op­ti­cal con­nec­tion it gives you to the ac­tion tak­ing place in front of you. Live View is ul­ti­mately for spe­cial sit­u­a­tions.

The Live View dis­play al­lows you to step back and watch both it and the ac­tion in

front of the cam­era at the same time, rather than hav­ing to use the viewfinder

An or­ches­trated set-up, with your cam­era on tri­pod, is an ideal sit­u­a­tion for us­ing

Live View: here I’m on a shoot in China in a beau­ti­ful old court­yard man­sion

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