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Ge­orge Cairns shows you how to pro­duce prints with ac­cu­rate colours

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Get bet­ter-qual­ity prints, with more ac­cu­rate and sat­is­fy­ing colours, straight from Nikon Cap­ture NX-D

Af­ter us­ing Cap­ture NX-D’s tools to boost sat­u­ra­tion and cor­rect colour bal­ance, you may want to share your edited

im­ages as prints. How­ever, this can fre­quently lead to dis­ap­point­ing re­sults, as while on your com­puter screen you may see vi­brant colours that ap­pear to be ac­cu­rate, you may end up with prints in which the colours have shifted or look drab.

This dis­crep­ancy be­tween screen and print colour is caused by a va­ri­ety of fac­tors. Your com­puter’s screen pro­duces mil­lions of colours by mix­ing reds, greens and blues (RGB) to­gether, while most desk­top print­ers com­bine cyan, ma­genta, yel­low and black (also known as ‘key’, hence CMYK) to cre­ate a much nar­rower range of shades. Your com­puter screen is also il­lu­mi­nated, which cre­ates more vi­brant-look­ing colour; a pa­per print can of­ten look rather flat in com­par­i­son.

Colour con­trol

Pro­grams such as Pho­to­shop and Light­room in­clude a range of tools de­signed to help you pro­duce ac­cu­rate colours that will look good when printed – Pho­to­shop will warn you about ‘out of gamut’ colours (see left), while Light­room en­ables you to preview a soft proof of your photo be­fore you print it. Cap­ture NX-D lacks these use­ful print-re­lated tools, but there are still things that you can do to get bet­ter re­sults when print­ing from Cap­ture NX-D.

By de­fault your Nikon will cap­ture colours us­ing a colour space that’s bi­ased to­wards dis­play­ing im­ages on screens – this makes sense, as you’ll view your shots on your cam­era’s LCD and then on your com­puter. How­ever, with a lit­tle dig­ging around in Cap­ture NX-D’s Pref­er­ences you can change the de­fault colour space to a more print-com­pat­i­ble one. By pro­cess­ing your photos us­ing this colour space you’re less likely to pro­duce un­print­able colours, as we’ll show you in our walk­through.

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