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When you use high ISO’s to cap­ture a night sky full of stars, or if you are for­tu­nate enough to pho­to­graph an aurora, you are likely to get noise in the file, depend­ing on the ISO ca­pa­bil­ity of your cam­era. The Nikon D3s is prob­a­bly still the best cam­era on the mar­ket that pro­duces lit­tle noise at high ISOs. Even with the high-res­o­lu­tion Nikon D810 that I cur­rently use, the noise is min­i­mal at up to ISO1200. How­ever, I will of­ten use ISO3200 to cap­ture the night sky, so the noise is more ap­par­ent. In Light­room, Lu­mi­nance Noise Re­duc­tion does a great job of re­duc­ing noise, though take care if you move the slider past 50, as the fine de­tail will go soft – use the de­tail slider to bring it back.

Another very good piece of noise-re­duc­tion soft­ware is Nik De­fine 2. The al­go­rithms work very well to re­duce noise and re­tain de­tail at the same time.

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