Bring your sketch to life

Throw away your paint­box and master the art of Pho­to­shop!

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Paint your por­trait

Open por­trait.jpg. Hit Cmd/Ctrl + J three times to cre­ate three lay­ered copies. Hide the top two lay­ers by click­ing their eye icons. Se­lect Layer 1. Go to Fil­ters >Fil­ter Gallery >Artis­tic >Cutout and set Lev­els 7, Sim­plic­ity 3, Fi­delity 2. Hit OK. Set blend mode to Lu­mi­nos­ity and opac­ity to 40%.

02 Add some style

Se­lect Layer 1 copy and hit its eye icon to re­veal it. Go to Fil­ters> Fil­ter Gallery> Styl­ize> Glow­ing Edge. Set Width 5, Bright­ness 8, Smooth­ness 5. Click OK, then Cmd/Ctrl+I (to in­vert the layer) and Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + U (to de­sat­u­rate it). Set blend mode to Mul­ti­ply and opac­ity to 70%.

03 Sketch things out

Hit Cmd/Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E. Next, se­lect the top layer and click its eye icon. De­sat­u­rate and du­pli­cate it, then In­vert the copied layer. Switch blend mode to Colour Dodge. Go to Fil­ters> Blur> Gaus­sian Blur. Set the slider to 60 pix­els. Click OK. Hit Cmd/Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E again.

04 Mix and match

Drag the paint­ing merged layer (Layer 2) be­neath the sketched one (Layer 3). Se­lect Layer 3 and add a layer mask. Use the brush tool (B) set to black (X tog­gles be­tween black and white). Right-click to se­lect a brush; we used Oil Medium Wet Flow set to 1000 pix­els. Paint to re­veal the colour.

05 In­clude the artist

Open hand.jpg. Se­lect the hand, and its shadow, us­ing the quick se­lec­tion tool (W). With the Move tool (V), drag it onto the por­trait. Du­pli­cate this layer, then hit the du­pli­cate’s eye icon to hide it. Se­lect the orig­i­nal hand layer and Hit Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + U, then set Blend mode to Mul­ti­ply.

06 Add some depth

Add a layer mask, se­lect a soft round brush of around 100 pix­els and paint over the edge of the hand’s shadow to soften it. Se­lect the top layer and hit its eye icon. Add another layer mask, and with the brush tool set to black, draw around the edges of the hand so that only the hand is vis­i­ble.

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