Break­ing dawn

With a se­ries of im­ages in the bag, head back to the dig­i­tal dark­room…

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Spot the dif­fer­ence

In Bridge, go through your im­ages and find a se­ries where there’s a clear dif­fer­ence from frame to frame. We used 16 frames in our shot. Cmd-click (Mac) or Ctrl-click (PC) to se­lect the ones you want. Go to Tools> Pho­to­shop> Load Files into Pho­to­shop Lay­ers, and your im­ages will be opened in Pho­to­shop, al­ready piled up for you.

02 Mask the lay­ers

Se­lect any layer in the lay­ers tab, then go to Lay­ers> Layer Mask> Hide All. Re­peat this for ev­ery layer ex­cept for the bot­tom one. This is also a good stage to mark out any lay­ers which con­tain a point of in­ter­est that you’ll want to use in the fi­nal im­age. We have marked each frame con­tain­ing a per­son by right-click­ing on the layer, then colour-cod­ing it.

03 Cut out some tri­an­gles

Us­ing the Polyg­o­nal Lasso tool, found un­der Lasso in the tool­bar, draw out a tri­an­gle from one cor­ner, click­ing once for each point. Se­lect the mask thumb­nail for a layer, go to Edit> Fill, set to white and 100% opac­ity, then click on OK. Re­peat for ev­ery layer. Try to keep the seg­ments even, and in­clude the points of in­ter­est from colour-coded frames.

04 Add some Curves

Se­lect the im­age thumb­nail in each layer to tweak dif­fer­ent seg­ments. To darken the im­age from left to right and add the feel of the pass­ing of time, go to Im­age > Ad­just­ments> Curves, and then drag the line down to darken and up to brighten. We have grad­u­ally lifted the Curves across the im­age one frame at a time.

05 Tweak the colours

Fol­low­ing the same process as ad­just­ing the Curves, se­lect each layer’s Im­age thumb­nail and ma­nip­u­late the colours. Go to Im­age >Ad­just­ments >Colour Bal­ance, then move the slid­ers to tweak the colour cast. For a com­plete cast, tint the colour on shad­ows, high­lights and mid­tones. We have done this at ran­dom across the im­age.

06 Flat­ten and fin­ish

When you have fin­ished with your lay­ers, se­lect the very top layer. Hit Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (PC) + Shift + Alt + E to merge the lay­ers into a new layer. This will give you a com­plete im­age on top of your lay­ers so that you can re­turn to the seg­ments if re­quired. We fin­ished by dodg­ing around the rock­pools to lighten them, and burn­ing in the sky.

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