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Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.8G £150/$220

A light­weight lens which is es­sen­tial for many pho­tog­ra­phers. The ver­sa­tile aper­ture and fo­cal length makes it is use­ful for por­traits, land­scapes and lots more. Thanks to the 185g weight it won’t be a bur­den.

Nikon Speed­light R1C1 £560/$650

Macro pho­tog­ra­phy of­ten re­quires ex­tra il­lu­mi­na­tion. The Speed­light R1C1 is de­signed es­pe­cially for close-up work. It pro­vides bal­anced, man­age­able light all around the sub­ject, and it’s wire­less too.

Nikon 70-200mm f/4G £940/$1400

Any sports or wildlife pho­tog­ra­pher would be well ad­vised to pick up a 70-200mm lens. The Nikon f/4G ver­sion is much cheaper than its f/2.8 sib­ling, but per­forms well (see the fol­low­ing page for a di­rect com­par­i­son).

Cokin H250A ND Grad Kit £50/$80

ND grads are a musthave for a land­scape pho­tog­ra­pher. They help to bal­ance your ex­po­sure when the sky is too bright. These Cokin fil­ters can be at­tached to the front of any lens, with the cor­rect adapter ring.

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