EX­PERT IN­SIGHT Not so fast!

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Con­trary to what you might think, you don’t al­ways want the fastest pos­si­ble shut­ter speed when shoot­ing rac­ing cars. If you shoot a mo­tor­bike that’s lean­ing over at a fast shut­ter speed it will still look like it’s go­ing fast be­cause we know in­tu­itively that a lean­ing bike must be go­ing quickly or it would fall over. Cars, though, don’t re­ally lean, so at a fast shut­ter speed the risk is that your sub­ject will look like it’s parked in the mid­dle of the track! To cap­ture a sense of speed, you ei­ther need to add in­ten­tional blur (see Hot Shot #01) or in­clude some­thing else that im­plies speed – some dust or gravel spit­ting up, smoke from squeal­ing wheels or even another car.

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