Cre­ative pho­to­shop Add a sense of speed

James Pater­son shows you a quick and easy way to give static sub­jects some ex­tra zoom

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Pho­tog­ra­phy gives us the abil­ity to freeze ac­tion, but this can some­times mean we lose the sense of speed. One way to get round this is to use a slightly longer shut­ter speed, then pan with the sub­ject (see page 10). Get this right and the sub­ject will stay sharp while the back­ground will be nicely blurred.

When it’s done well, noth­ing can beat pan­ning blur, but the tech­nique is no­to­ri­ously hit-and­miss. Luck­ily, we can achieve sim­i­lar re­sults with Pho­to­shop fil­ters. One ad­van­tage the Pho­to­shop method has is that we can make static sub­jects ap­pear to be trav­el­ling at great speed.

If you’ve got a Pho­to­shop CC sub­scrip­tion, you can make use of a new fea­ture that lets you add noise to the blur. This means you can get uni­form noise across the frame, just as if the ef­fect were cap­tured in-cam­era. This is es­pe­cially use­ful for low-light im­ages like our shot, taken as the sun was set­ting with the ISO set to a noise-in­duc­ing 4500. Here’s how it works...

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