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If you don’t sub­scribe to Pho­to­shop CC you won’t have the Path Blur or Spin Blur fil­ters, but you can still get ex­cel­lent re­sults with two of Pho­to­shop’s older fil­ters. When it comes to adding the hor­i­zon­tal blur to the back­ground, rather than us­ing the Path Blur fil­ter go to Fil­ter>Blur>Mo­tion Blur; and when adding a spin­ning blur to the wheels, in­stead of the Spin Blur fil­ter, make a cir­cu­lar se­lec­tion and use Fil­ter>Blur>Ra­dial Blur. These older fil­ters don’t of­fer the op­tion to add in noise, but you can add this man­u­ally to the blurred layer by go­ing to Fil­ter>Noise>Add Noise.

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