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Many of Miss Aniela’s Sur­real Fash­ion im­ages are the re­sult of stitch­ing sev­eral frames to­gether in Pho­to­shop. Here she de­scribes her method…

You stitch panora­mas. Why and how do you do this?

Of­ten I’ll stitch a lot of shots to show more of the lo­ca­tion rather than use a wider lens. In the re­cent Belvoir Castle shoot, those are ex­am­ples of us­ing stitch­ing for all three of the re­sult­ing shots, apart from the close-ups of the mod­els. In one shot you have the model on the bed, then I’ll stitch on the other side of the room so you have the bed on one side cap­tured in one frame and then a bit more of the room in the other frame to achieve the depth of field I want on her and pre­vent the dis­tor­tion I’d get from just us­ing a wide-an­gle lens.

The tricky thing with be­ing in love with the lo­ca­tion is you want to get the model and the lo­ca­tion in one shot, mak­ing room for them both. Some­times you end up with slightly weird per­spec­tives, but that’s what I want be­cause the cri­te­ria for an in­te­rior shot aren’t the same as for a fash­ion model shot. The whole shot bends to­wards the model a lit­tle bit more and the room warps be­hind her. That hap­pens in quite a few of my im­ages, but that’s in­ten­tional be­cause it’s got to be about her as much as it can, while also show­ing the lo­ca­tion around her.

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