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The amount of blur­ring and the tight­ness of the area that’s kept sharp de­pend on fo­cus dis­tance, aper­ture and the amount of tilt. This can make set­ting up shots quite com­plex, but it doesn’t take long to get a feel for things. The Sweet 50 can suf­fer from fring­ing at its widest aper­ture, but there’s less bar­rel dis­tor­tion than from the Sweet 35. Lens­baby man­u­fac­tures ‘Op­tic Swap’ sys­tems, in which op­tics are avail­able sep­a­rately to in­sert into lens hold­ers that mount onto the cam­era. In the past you’d have to re­move op­tics from their hold­ers in or­der to swap plates of vary­ing aper­ture val­ues, but the latest ‘Sweet’ op­tics have a built-in di­aphragm and con­trol ring that en­ables you to sweep through their en­tire aper­ture range of f/2.5 to f/22.

The Sweet 35 op­tic is made up of four glass el­e­ments in a high-qual­ity plas­tic bar­rel that slots into a lens body like the Com­poser Pro holder (see the re­view of the Sweet 50, left, for de­tails). It en­ables

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