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Dozens of jour­nal­ists are still listed as miss­ing in ac­tion in Viet­nam and Cam­bo­dia

CBS News cam­era­man Dana Stone and pho­to­jour­nal­ist Sean Flynn, Tim Page’s best friend, were last seen alive on 6 April 1970, mo­tor­cy­cling down High­way One in Eastern Cam­bo­dia. In 1990, Granada TV made a doc­u­men­tary,

about Page’s at­tempts to find out what hap­pened to them. Are you any closer to dis­cov­er­ing what hap­pened to Flynn and Stone?

I know now we didn’t find [the graves of] Flynn and Stone. We ac­tu­ally found two Amer­i­can de­sert­ers. All the ev­i­dence and the three teeth and the fill­ing they brought back in­di­cated that we’d found them, but it ended up be­ing (Larry) Humphrey and (Clyde) McKay. These peacenik sailors imag­ined join­ing the Kh­mer Rouge and go­ing gonzo. Af­ter three or four months the Kh­mer Rouge had had enough of them and topped them. At the time the MIA lab in Hawaii lost the teeth. In 1990, there was no DNA. They found the teeth in 2004 and found it wasn’t Flynn and Stone. But we re­solved two MIAs, so I can only feel so bad.

So the ab­so­lute fate? I don’t think I’ll end up like Ham­let stand­ing in a hole in eastern Cam­bo­dia hold­ing up a skull and a Leica. Will I re­solve it? I’m not too far off my own end. I’ve got three stents and I’ve had three heart at­tacks. I’m keep­ing go­ing but it’s not quite as quick as it was.

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