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Us­ing Live View on the day was re­ally help­ful. For my third Hot Shot, I could see how the com­po­si­tion was com­ing to­gether and make ad­just­ments to the cof­fee, nap­kin and spoon with­out mov­ing my cam­era. Olly re­minded me that us­ing Live View for mak­ing fine ad­just­ments to set­tings isn’t a good idea as the rear LCD screens aren’t that re­li­able for re­pro­duc­ing colour cor­rectly. He in­stead helped me to turn on my his­togram view, which I then used to en­sure my shad­ows and high­lights weren’t clipped. I could also see the huge dif­fer­ence a re­flec­tor or two made to the photo just by turn­ing on Live View. It was just as if you’d shone a light on it.

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