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A ca­ble re­lease is es­sen­tial when car­ry­ing out long-ex­po­sure tech­niques. You could use your cam­era’s self-timer on a short de­lay for ex­po­sures of up to 30 sec­onds, but if you want an ex­po­sure any longer than that, you’re stuffed with­out a ca­ble re­lease. It’s bet­ter not to rely on the self-timer, es­pe­cially when tim­ing is cru­cial – for ex­am­ple if you want the shut­ter to trip pre­cisely when a wave is break­ing. When it comes to buy­ing a ca­ble re­lease, I rec­om­mend you keep it sim­ple. Cam­era shops will want to sell you the most ex­pen­sive, ‘all the bells and whis­tles’ ca­ble re­lease, but these rely on bat­ter­ies and tend to be bulky ,tak­ing up more room in your cam­era bag. Stick with the ba­sic Nikon MC-12B Re­mote Re­lease Cord and save your­self £100/$130. The money you save can be put to­wards a po­lar­is­ing fil­ter (be­low).

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