Nikko­r­mat to the D4

Heather An­gel wouldn’t go any­where with­out her Nikon SLRs and lenses…

NPhoto - - Close-up -

Have you al­ways been a Nikon user?

Not quite. The cam­era my fa­ther bought me when I was 21 was an Ex­akta SLR. I hadn’t a clue how to load film, so I went along to the cam­era shop in Bristol for help. I then got a Nikko­r­mat and have stuck with Nikon ever since. The beauty of this is that I can still use many of my early lenses.

What are you cur­rently us­ing?

The D4, with the D800 as a back-up. The D4 is very ro­bust, and copes well with tough lo­ca­tions, like the trop­ics. I loved the D3, but I don’t rush off to buy a new model the mo­ment that it’s re­leased.

Surely other cam­era mak­ers have tried to tempt you away?

No, I’ve never been con­tacted by another maker. I’m too wed­ded to Nikon. The lenses cope with all man­ner of sub­jects.

Do you pre­fer prime lenses or zooms?

Back when I started, zooms weren’t very good, so I only used primes. Nowa­days, the 105mm macro Nikkor is the main lens I use for the pol­li­na­tion pro­ject. I use tele­photo zooms, too, as they are great when you are try­ing to pho­to­graph a bird on a flower, for in­stance. The Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 is su­perb when you add a 2x tele­con­verter.

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