Sto-fen Omni-Bounce £17, $11

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The Omni-Bounce is a translu­cent cap which out­puts light in all di­rec­tions. With your flash­gun’s head an­gled at about 45°, some light is fired for­ward, but is also bounced off sur­round­ing walls and ceil­ings to soften the il­lu­mi­na­tion with­out us­ing a bulkier mod­i­fier. It’s ef­fec­tive in­doors, but not so use­ful out­doors – plus you might want to avoid leav­ing it fit­ted all the time, as there is a sig­nif­i­cant amount of light loss.

The Sto-Fen range is flash gun­spe­cific, and the plas­tic cap sim­ply push-fits onto your flash­gun in an in­stant. This is a great time-saver, but it does mean you’ll need to pur­chase a new dif­fuser for each model when up­grad­ing flash­guns. That’s no big hard­ship given the rel­a­tively low price, although even this seems a bit much for such a ba­sic piece of plas­tic.

The Omni-Bounce is a faff-free way to softer flash light­ing, though it’s far from the soft­est

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