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You can’t beat ring flash for even, shadow-free il­lu­mi­na­tion in macro shots, and it’s also great for fill-flash in por­traits, where it can elim­i­nate shad­ows, as well as cre­ate strik­ing cir­cu­lar catch-lights in the eyes. How­ever, it’s rel­a­tively un­wieldy com­pared with a reg­u­lar flash­gun. The Nikon SB-910 has im­mense power and ver­sa­til­ity and won­der­fully sim­ple con­trols, plus it can be taken off-cam­era (see pages 42 and 50), mak­ing it a bet­ter op­tion if you’re in need of gen­eral-pur­pose flash.

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