Master of Paris

Learn how to cre­ate, po­si­tion, colour and light your 3D letters

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01 Spell it out

Open Paris_be­fore.psd. We’ve cut out the Eif­fel Tower and added a gra­di­ent be­hind. If you want 3D ob­jects to sit be­hind el­e­ments in your own im­ages, cut the im­ages out be­fore­hand. Grab the Type tool from the Tools Panel, choose a thick font (Avenir Heavy here) and type your word.

02 Stretch it

Go to 3D>New 3D Ex­tru­sion from se­lected Layer, and hit Yes when asked if you want to switch to the 3D workspace. Grab the Move tool and click on the word. Use the axis wid­get to ro­tate the word along the Y axis – each part of the wid­get moves, stretches or ro­tates it along the X, Y or Z axis.

03 Add depth

With ‘Paris’ high­lighted in the 3D panel, go to the Prop­er­ties panel, en­sure the top-left icon (Mesh) is cho­sen, then ad­just Ex­tru­sion depth to change the depth of the shape. Next, click on the ‘Cap’ icon in the Prop­er­ties panel and set Bevel Width to 10% to add a chis­elled edge to the letters.

To match the per­spec­tive of the word with the im­age, set a fo­cal length sim­i­lar to the widean­gle lens used to take the shot. Click Cur­rent View in the 3D panel, then set FOV to 20mm lens. Use the Move tool and axis wid­get to ro­tate and po­si­tion the word along the edge of the tower. Be­low the Paris ob­ject name in the 3D panel sit the ma­te­ri­als that make up each of its sur­faces. Click on Front In­fla­tion Ma­te­rial. In the Prop­er­ties panel, click on the Ma­te­rial drop­down. Pick Me­tal Steel. Click on Dif­fuse; sam­ple a colour from the tower. Re­peat for the Paris Ex­tru­sion Ma­te­rial. Click on In­fi­nite Light 1. Drag the han­dle to change the light’s di­rec­tion. Click on the light icon at the bot­tom, pick New In­fi­nite Light, light the letters from be­hind, click on Colour in the Prop­er­ties panel and use a warm tone. Drag the 3D layer be­low the cutout layer. Click on the Ren­der icon.

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