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For our next lo­ca­tion, we drove to nearby Fid­dle­ford Manor, which fea­tures a huge oak stand­ing alone in a field. As with the view from Win Green, my first re­ac­tion was, ‘How am I ever go­ing to get a shot out of this?’ be­cause there was sim­ply too much de­tail to take in. Tak­ing Char­lie’s ear­lier ad­vice, though, I tried to work out what I liked about the tree, and why, and then used that as my start­ing point.

To me, the sym­me­try of the tree, and the way the branches seemed to reach out to en­velop us, was the key to its ap­peal, so this is what I set out to cap­ture. By get­ting down low with a wide-an­gle lens I was able to sil­hou­ette the tree against the bright sky, and the fence against the grass. As with my tele­photo shots from the pre­vi­ous evening, my first at­tempt wasn’t quite sym­met­ri­cal, and the fence at the bot­tom was at a slight an­gle, but by mov­ing to the left and lin­ing the fence up with the bot­tom of the frame, I was able to cap­ture the tree in all its glory.

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