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NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

Make sure your start file is on an ex­ter­nal hard drive, then you’re ready to go

01 Im­port a photo First, go to File>Im­port Pho­tos and Video. Browse to your ex­ter­nal hard drive and se­lect TYLR09.dng. Click on Add. Leave the Build Smart Pre­views box unticked. Click on Im­port. Go to the his­togram win­dow and click on the Orig­i­nal Photo box. A Smart Pre­view dia­log will ap­pear.

02 Build the Smart Pre­view Click on Build Smart Pre­view. A dia­log will shortly ap­pear in­di­cat­ing that ‘One Smart Pre­view was built’. Click on OK. Be­low the his­togram win­dow, a la­bel shows that you have the orig­i­nal file plus a Smart Pre­view version. Dis­con­nect your hard drive. Only the Smart Pre­view la­bel will be vis­i­ble.

03 Dis­miss the warn­ing If you click on the Smart Pre­view la­bel be­low the his­togram, a dia­log will ap­pear in­di­cat­ing that the photo is miss­ing or off­line, but can be edited us­ing its Smart Pre­view. Click on OK to dis­miss it. Any stan­dard pre­view pho­tos in the Li­brary that were on the ex­ter­nal drive will fea­ture a ‘!’ sym­bol.

04 An­a­lyse the his­togram Take the photo into the De­velop mod­ule. You can see from the his­togram that it lacks shadow in­for­ma­tion. Drag the Ex­po­sure slider to -0.20 and the Blacks slider to -23. You now have some dark black pix­els present in the pic­ture. For some con­trast­ing high­lights, drag Whites right to +39.

05 Boost the colours To tease out tex­ture in the rocky mid-tones, drag Clar­ity to +31. This slightly in­creases the spread of the clipped high­lights in the whites of the waves, but de­tail in th­ese ar­eas is neg­li­gi­ble. Boost Vi­brance to +40 to in­crease the sat­u­ra­tion of ‘nat­u­ral’ colours such as the blue sky.

06 Re­con­nect the drive Fin­ished edit­ing? Re­con­nect your hard drive. If you look be­low your TYLR09.dng photo’s his­togram, the ‘Orig­i­nal+ Smart Pre­view’ la­bel will have reap­peared. All the changes that you made to the Smart Pre­view will be ‘ap­plied’ to the RAW version of the photo on the ex­ter­nal drive.

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