See red – in a good way Con­vert to mono, make fo­liage glow, and add mo­tion blur us­ing Pho­to­shop CC

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Open it up

Open in­frared_be­fore.png. In ACR’s Ba­sic panel, set Shad­ows to +77 and Clar­ity to +23 to im­prove the tones and lift the shad­ows. Pick the Tar­geted Ad­just­ment tool, right-click and choose Lu­mi­nance, then drag down over the sky to darken blues, and up to lighten greens.

02 Con­vert to mono

Click on Open Im­age. Go to the Lay­ers panel (Win­dow> Lay­ers). Click on the Cre­ate Ad­just­ment Layer icon and choose Chan­nel Mixer. Check Mono­chrome in the Chan­nel Mixer set­tings, lift the Greens to +200 then darken the reds and blues un­til the im­age looks right.

03 Darken the sky

High­light the Back­ground layer, click on the Cre­ate Ad­just­ment Layer icon, and se­lect Black and White. Click on the Blend­ing Mode drop­down menu and pick Lu­mi­nos­ity. Drag Blues and Cyans down and Yel­lows and Greens up to darken the sky and make the leaves glow.

03 Mask the clouds

To tweak the blur, dou­ble-click on the fil­ter layer. Press Alt while click­ing on the Add Layer Mask icon to add a full mask that hides the blur ef­fect. Grab the Brush tool, set colour to white, then paint over the clouds around the tree to re­veal the blur ef­fect, adding a sense of mo­tion.

04 Blur the im­age

High­light the top layer, then press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E to merge a new layer. Right-click on it and choose Con­vert to Smart Ob­ject. Go to Fil­ter>Blur>Ra­dial Blur. Set Blur Method to Zoom and Qual­ity to Best. Set Amount to 14 and move the cen­tre po­si­tion down, then hit OK.

04 Fin­ish­ing touches

Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E again, then right-click and pick Con­vert to Smart Ob­ject. Go to Fil­ter>Fil­ter Gallery> Dis­tort>Dif­fuse Glow. Ex­per­i­ment with the set­tings (we used 6, 2, 13) un­til the glow looks right, then hit OK. Fin­ish by re­mov­ing any messy ar­eas with the Clone tool.

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