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The bulbs on a fair­ground ride are rarely all on at the same time, and the flashes and pat­terns change through­out each ride. Spend a while ob­serv­ing the colour changes they go through to pick out the pat­tern, as vari­a­tions in the light­ing can have a dra­matic ef­fect on your long ex­po­sures. Here the fear­some Cage looks very dif­fer­ent un­der dif­fer­ent light. Dur­ing the day [1] it’s a mass of steel and bulbs, with pun­ters strapped to the edges. Af­ter night falls, with the ring of bulbs around the edge turned on [2] the cage takes on the look of a som­brero. A mo­ment later those bulbs are switched off and the ride is lit by a strobe from the ground, trans­form­ing it into a roulette wheel [3]. Shot from be­hind, as the ride be­gins its de­scent to the ground, the pat­tern of light be­gins to spi­ral [4].

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