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By care­fully choos­ing kinds of light and cer­tain hues, you can push the mood of a pho­to­graph in a par­tic­u­lar di­rec­tion, and many ex­am­ples are shown on th­ese four pages. Light­ing qual­ity in na­ture is mainly af­fected by weather. Here are a few among many tech­niques – though your re­sult de­pends on the con­text and the sub­ject as much as on the tech­nique: ■ Mist, par­tic­u­larly back­lit, sug­gests soft­ness and tran­quil­lity ■ Fog, which is denser than mist, sug­gests an el­e­ment of mystery ■ Dark, low clouds give a brood­ing, pos­si­bly melan­choly and maybe even me­nac­ing mood ■ Dif­fused side-light­ing in an in­te­rior, as from a north-fac­ing win­dow, in­vokes a calm, se­ri­ous mood ■ Flat, shad­ow­less light­ing, as from an over­cast sky, can bring an op­pres­sive, heavy mood, es­pe­cially if un­der-ex­posed

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