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How can I stop my lens mist­ing up? Dar­ren We­b­ley, via email

Ja­son says... This is of­ten a prob­lem when com­ing into a warm en­vi­ron­ment from a cold one. If you’re driv­ing, keep your cam­era kit in the pas­sen­ger com­part­ment rather than in the boot. When walk­ing, try ‘wear­ing’ your cam­era un­der your coat.

Why does the Flat Pic­ture Con­trol set­ting make im­ages look so washed-out? Peter Watson, via email

Ja­son says... The Flat Pic­ture Con­trol op­tion is in­tended to max­imise dy­namic range, keep­ing de­tail in high­lights and shad­ows, and is really use­ful for shoot­ing video.

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