How much time will it take?

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With a lit­tle ef­fort you could have your web­site, busi­ness cards and some ini­tial mar­ket­ing sorted out in a couple of weeks. But it will take a lot more time to start get­ting reg­u­lar book­ings and gain the ex­pe­ri­ence you’ll need to make your busi­ness a suc­cess. You should look at around six months or so as a re­al­is­tic pe­riod to get the ba­sics of your wed­ding pho­tog­ra­phy busi­ness set up, and it can take around a year to get a real sense of whether you can make a go of it.

Re­mem­ber that even though peo­ple get mar­ried through­out the year, it’s still quite sea­sonal. Most wed­dings take place in the spring and sum­mer, and they are of­ten planned well in ad­vance. Be­cause of that, don’t ex­pect to get a huge num­ber of book­ings in your first year of busi­ness, par­tic­u­larly if you start in the spring or sum­mer. You will find that even if you do take book­ings, they will of­ten be for wed­dings six to 12 months away.

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