Best known for his im­ages of Africa’s iconic wildlife, Greg has a sur­pris­ing choice for his favourite pho­to­graph – a sub­ject that could have fit­ted into a match­box…

NPhoto - - Close-up -

Out of all of your wildlife im­ages, do you have a favourite?

It’s a strange one, be­cause it’s a macro shot [above]. We were liv­ing in southern Tan­za­nia and the rains had set in, so I couldn’t drive any­where. There were th­ese beau­ti­ful yel­low flow­ers grow­ing out­side our house, and I said to my wife, “I’m just go­ing to get a shot of th­ese flow­ers”. I was about to take a shot when one of the pe­tals moved, and it was a spi­der called the flower crab spi­der. I thought, “That’s cool, I’ll get a shot of the spi­der”. And then a bee landed to pol­li­nate and the spi­der grabbed the bee, so I closed my aper­ture down and was about to take an­other shot when I no­ticed some­thing on the back of the fe­male spi­der – it was a lit­tle male and he was mat­ing with her, so I thought, “Wow, I have three sub­jects now!”. I was about to take the shot when two flies landed, one on each of the bee’s wings. Sud­denly I had four sub­jects, all within a frame that could have fit­ted in a match­box. I call the photo ‘Food Chain’ and I pho­tographed all this where just a month prior there was noth­ing but a bare patch of earth. It sums up the in­cred­i­ble di­ver­sity you get in the bush, and how it’s com­pletely full of sur­prises.

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