The D3200 at a glance

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Shut­ter release

As in the D3300 and D5300, the shut­ter release but­ton sits in front of smaller ex­po­sure com­pen­sa­tion, Info and video start/stop but­tons.

IR re­ceiver

An in­frared re­ceiver built into the fin­ger grip en­ables the cam­era to be fired re­motely from the front us­ing an op­tional Nikon ML-L3 wire­less con­troller.


Un­like the J5, the D3200 has a hot­shoe for mount­ing an ex­ter­nal flash­gun, in ad­di­tion to its pop-up flash.


The speaker for op­tional aut­o­fo­cus con­fir­ma­tion beeps is mounted at the left, just next to the pop-up flash mod­ule.

Left-hand but­tons

An up­side of the screen lack­ing vari-an­gle ar­tic­u­la­tion is that there’s room for a left-hand strip of con­trol but­tons.

LCD screen

It’s a fixed three-inch screen that lacks touch-sen­si­tiv­ity, but the im­age qual­ity is im­pres­sive for the rea­son­ably high 921,000 pixel count.

Mk II kit lens

Un­like orig­i­nal D3200 kits, later ver­sions have been up­dated to in­clude the newer 18-55mm VR II lens, an­nounced at the be­gin­ning of 2014.

Shoot­ing mode dial

From its full auto set­ting and in­ter­ac­tive Guide mode, to scene modes and PASM set­tings, the D3200 suits a wide range of abil­i­ties.

Live View

Live View mode, in which you can com­pose and pre­view shots us­ing the LCD screen rather than the viewfinder, is ac­ti­vated by this sim­ple but­ton.

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