Hot Shot #03

NPhoto - - The Apprentice -

To start with I was strug­gling to get clear, sharp pho­tos. But, as David ex­plained, all I have to re­mem­ber is the law of re­cip­ro­cals: if I’m us­ing a 400mm lens, I need a shut­ter speed of at least 1/400 sec to en­sure a sharp im­age. With a 1.7x con­verter, of course, the shut­ter speed needs to be even faster – around 1/680 sec in my ex­am­ple. With the im­age above, though, this wasn’t prac­ti­cal, as it wasn’t bright enough on the day to set a fast shut­ter speed with­out really bump­ing up my ISO and risk­ing noise. To get round this, I used my tri­pod to help me steady the cam­era and keep the seals sharp.

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