DIG­I­TAL DARKROOM Boost flat land­scapes

Ge­orge Cairns shows you how to use Light­room’s colour-cor­rect­ing tools to im­prove the look of weak colours with­out over-sat­u­rat­ing strong ones

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If you plan to share your edited pho­to­graphs on­line then you don’t need to worry as much about over-sat­u­rat­ing the colours, as com­puter screens can re­pro­duce mil­lions of colours. How­ever, if you’re plan­ning to print your pho­tos then you need to be more care­ful about avoid­ing over-sat­u­rated colours at the edit­ing stage, be­cause prin­ters can’t re­pro­duce as many colours as you can see on a mon­i­tor. If you print over-sat­u­rated colours, the im­ages may look gar­ish and lack de­tail when you see them on pa­per. We’ll look into ways to get more faith­ful­look­ing prints in a fu­ture is­sue, but it’s worth be­ing aware of the con­cept of print­able and un­print­able colours at an early stage.

As well as help­ing you get the right sat­u­ra­tion for the medium you plan to share your im­ages in, Light­room also has the tools you need to coun­ter­act colour casts. Th­ese warm or­ange or cold blue tints can oc­cur when your cam­era’s au­to­matic white bal­ance

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