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As a mul­ti­ple year sub­scriber, one thing I find miss­ing is a link to test re­views. It would be a very valu­able fea­ture to be able to look up past re­views when look­ing for older or pre-owned equip­ment. I am in the process of up­grad­ing to AF dig­i­tal. As I am re­tired I must plan and bud­get care­fully. John Bi­ava, via email John, check out our Buyer’s Guide (page 136). It cov­ers most cur­rent kit. Along­side ev­ery item we list, we also give the num­ber of the most re­cent re­view we’ve done of it, so if you want more in-depth in­for­ma­tion, you’ll be able to find it in your back is­sues.


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