Here’s a work­flow to help you im­port, la­bel and find your pho­tos more eas­ily

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Im­port your pho­tos

Plug your cam­era into your PC and launch View NX-i. Click the Trans­fer icon to launch the Trans­fer 2 app. Browse to the cam­era. In the Pri­mary Des­ti­na­tion tab, choose a folder to store your im­ported shots. Click on Trans­fer. An ‘OK’ la­bel will con­firm that a photo has been im­ported.

Add a la­bel or fil­ter

Launch Cap­ture NX-D. Browse to the des­ti­na­tion folder to dis­play its con­tents as thumb­nails. Use View>Thumb­nail Size to cre­ate larger pre­views. Click on a thumb­nail pre­view and press Shift plus a num­ber key (1 to 5) to add a star rat­ing. Press a key be­tween 1 and 9 to add a coloured la­bel.

Fil­ter your files

To dis­play shots with a spe­cific rat­ing or la­bel, click on the Fil­ter bar icon. Here we clicked on the fifth star on the right to dis­play highly rated shots. We also clicked on the blue ‘5’ la­bel to dis­play shots with that par­tic­u­lar la­bel. Click out­side the Fil­ter bar to ap­ply your cri­te­ria.

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