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I ini­tially framed this shot with the build­ing at the bot­tom, to make more of the sky, but the ‘blue light’ of dusk had al­ready come and gone, so in­stead I po­si­tioned the build­ing in the mid­dle. The bot­tom third of the frame holds the eye be­cause of the re­flec­tion of the lights in the Lif­fey. The 15sec­ond ex­po­sure ac­cen­tu­ates the shafts of light on the wa­ter, and to me it looks mag­i­cal. It was hard to see all the de­tail on the build­ing with the naked eye, but when I zoomed in on the im­age I could see that my D3300 had cap­tured ev­ery­thing.

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