5 Rules for com­po­si­tion

You have to know the rules be­fore you can break them...

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1 Rule of thirds

Di­vide your scene into three with imag­i­nary hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal lines, then place points of in­ter­est, like a per­son or hori­zon, on th­ese third lines.

2 Nat­u­ral frames

Use nat­u­ral frames in the scene, such as a door­way, a win­dow, or even an ar­ray of branches, to sur­round your sub­ject, draw­ing at­ten­tion to it.

3 Lead­ing lines

Look for lines that run through an im­age, like a road or a wall, and po­si­tion your sub­ject so that the lines lead to­wards it, draw­ing the viewer’s eye to what’s im­por­tant.

4 Golden tri­an­gle

Draw a di­ag­o­nal line be­tween two cor­ners of your im­age, then run a third line per­pen­dic­u­lar from the line to the other cor­ners. Place the sub­ject on the in­ter­sec­tion.

5 Golden ra­tio

The ra­tio of 1:1.618 ap­pears through­out na­ture and art. Make a square, sized one unit, then add on an ex­tra 0.618. Add a square on the long side to cre­ate the next rec­tan­gle, and re­peat to find the sweet spot.






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