KEY SKILL All for one!

Once you’ve taken your pho­tos, here’s how to merge them us­ing Pho­to­shop CS5 (or above)

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Merge the shots

Go to File>Au­to­mate>Pho­tomerge. Se­lect Files from the menu, and nav­i­gate to your im­ages. In the dia­log, leave Auto se­lected and tick Blend Im­ages To­gether.

02 Neaten things up

When your panorama has been cre­ated you’ll see blank ar­eas at the edges, so crop to re­move th­ese. Right-click on any layer thumb­nail in the Lay­ers panel and se­lect Flat­ten Im­age.

03 Fill in the gaps

If you have small blank ar­eas at the edges, you can fill th­ese with the Clone Stamp tool if they don’t con­tain lots of de­tail. Alt-click to sam­ple pix­els, and clone th­ese into the blank ar­eas.

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