Kid­ding around

This fun project will get you us­ing some of Pho­to­shop’s most pow­er­ful tools

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Off with his head!

Open face02.jpg, grab the Quick Se­lec­tion Brush and paint over the head and neck (hold Alt to sub­tract if you se­lect too much). Click the Re­fine Edge but­ton at the top. Check Smart Ra­dius, set Ra­dius to about 4, then paint over the gaps in the hair to im­prove the edges. Hit OK.

03 Change the shape

Du­pli­cate the ‘back­ground’ layer by hit­ting Cmd/Ctrl+J, then right-click on the du­pli­cate layer and choose Con­vert to Smart Ob­ject. Next, go to Fil­ter>Liquify. Use the For­ward Warp tool and a large brush tip to re­shape the body. Slope the shoul­ders, squash the chest and shrink the arms.

05 Add rosy cheeks

Make a new layer (Layer>New Layer), grab the Brush tool, choose a large soft brush, set colour to red and dab a large spot on each cheek. Lower the layer opac­ity un­til it looks right. Add an­other new layer. Grab the Spot Heal­ing Brush, check Sam­ple All Lay­ers, then paint over any blem­ishes.

02 Blend the neck

Press Cmd/Ctrl+C, then Ctrl+V to copy and paste the cut-out face onto face01.jpg. Po­si­tion the head us­ing the Move tool, and press Cmd/Ctrl+T to re­size it. Click on Add Mask in the Lay­ers panel. Grab the Brush tool, set it to black, then paint around the edges of the neck to blend it with the layer be­low.

04 En­large the eyes

Se­lect the head layer and grab the Lasso tool. Set Feather to 10px, drag a se­lec­tion around an eye, and hit Cmd/Ctrl+J to copy to a new layer. Press Cmd/Ctrl+T, and then use the bound­ing box to en­large it. Right-click in­side the box, se­lect Warp, then re­shape the eye. Hit En­ter. Re­peat for other eye.

06 Liquify, warp and pucker!

Press Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E to merge all the lay­ers into a new layer, then con­vert it to a Smart Ob­ject (see Step 03). Go to Fil­ter>Liquify and use the For­ward Warp and Pucker tools to fine-tune the shape of the face and body. Puff out the cheeks, shrink the nose and lower the hair­line.

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