Un­der­stand­ing im­age size

Be aware of how res­o­lu­tion and re­sam­pling af­fect prints

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01 Pixel di­men­sions

This is the phys­i­cal num­ber of pix­els that make up your im­age.

02 Doc­u­ment size

The size your im­age will be when printed, and its res­o­lu­tion in pix­els per inch (ppi). Most prin­ters give their best qual­ity at 300ppi.

03 Re­sam­ple im­age

Tick this box if the im­age needs to be re­sized (or ‘re­sam­pled’) from its cur­rent size (which might be way to big for your pa­per or frame) to a smaller (or big­ger) size for print­ing. You can then type in the size you want your print to be in the fields above. There’s lit­tle loss in qual­ity when print­ing smaller, but if you want a larger print than you have pix­els, this comes at a price of di­min­ished qual­ity, as the miss­ing pix­els have to be cre­ated (or ‘in­ter­po­lated’) based on their neigh­bours. Try not to in­crease the size by more than 30 per cent.

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