Flash is cru­cial for un­der­wa­ter pho­tog­ra­phy, and Michael has found a way to shoot a pro­long ed burst of FLASH-LIT images

NPhoto - - Michael Aw -

I usu­ally bring around four strobes with me and the ones I use are the Sea­cam 150 strobes, or the Ike­lite 161s. They all have an ex­po­sure set­ting of 24, and the beauty of the Ike­lite 161 is that if I set it at quar­ter power I can fire con­tin­u­ously for 50 frames and the flash will keep up with it! I’ve tested it to prove that it can be done, and ac­tu­ally used the Ike­lite this way. It’s amaz­ing, yes, you just trig­ger and 50 flashes fire non-stop. You re­lease it, recharge, and you go again. I like to get very close to my an­i­mals, with the man­tas and the whales. I like to use a fish­eye. I’ll be about two or three me­tres away from the an­i­mals. I only like a lit­tle light on the an­i­mals, so I have good shad­ows, re­flec­tion on the eyes and also part of the body. I don’t like to light the whole an­i­mal en­tirely.

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