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Ge­orge Cairns shows you how to en­hance a photo by tar­get­ing spe­cific colours and chang­ing their hue, sat­u­ra­tion and lu­mi­nance val­ues

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Tar­get spe­cific colours in an im­age and al­ter their Hue, Sat­u­ra­tion and Lu­mi­nance us­ing Light­room’s HSL panel

Some­times in pho­tos cer­tain colours ap­pear weaker than oth­ers. If you boost the over­all colour in­ten­sity of the im­age us­ing the Ba­sic panel’s Sat­u­ra­tion slider, the weaker colours will have more im­pact, but the stronger ones may be­come over-sat­u­rated. This can lead to colours that won’t print cor­rectly. In ad­di­tion, a model’s skin tones may be­come too orange and gar­ish.

Light­room’s Vi­brance slider is de­signed to solve this prob­lem by en­abling you to in­crease the sat­u­ra­tion of weaker colours with­out over-sat­u­rat­ing the stronger ones. It also tends to boost nat­u­ral land­scape colours such as blues and greens more strongly than or­anges, which helps you to avoid cre­at­ing over-sat­u­rated skin tones.

If you ven­ture be­yond the Ba­sic panel you’ll find al­ter­na­tive colour-tweak­ing tools that can help you en­hance a photo. In our un­pro­cessed start im­age the sun­set is slightly blown out, and we’re los­ing the vi­brant colours that we saw on lo­ca­tion. The hills and shore­line are un­der­ex­posed, so we can’t see the tex­tures in these ar­eas. The HSL (Hue, Sat­u­ra­tion, Light­ness) panel of­fers an ef­fec­tive way to tar­get spe­cific colours (such as the or­anges and reds of the sun­set) and change not only their colour in­ten­sity but also their light­ness (lu­mi­nance). This en­ables you to lighten and boost spe­cific re­gions based on their colours, as you’ll see…

The Hue, Sat­u­ra­tion, Light­ness panel of­fers an ef­fec­tive way to tar­get spe­cific colours

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