STE P BY STE P / Plan your sun­rise shoot

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1 Check the weather

First, check the weather. Ide­ally you want par­tial cloud. If it’s mis­er­able and wet, stay in bed! Next, check the time of sun­rise. There’s a mo­ment when the colours are at their peak, but it lasts for min­utes at most, so be ready.

2 Plan your po­si­tion

Use Google Maps to scout out the lo­ca­tion. Here a hill to the west of our sub­ject of­fers an el­e­vated po­si­tion. Now open the Pho­toPills app (or the Pho­tog­ra­pher’s Ephe­meris app) and check the sun­rise an­gle.

3 Check the po­si­tion

Upon ar­rival, check the po­si­tion of the sun us­ing Pho­toPills’ aug­mented re­al­ity mode. Pa­tience might be needed: Corfe Cas­tle here was ini­tially shrouded in mist, but 20 min­utes later, the mist had cleared just enough.

4 Com­pose the shot

Keep the cam­era off the tri­pod at first; this will free you to ex­per­i­ment with fram­ing. As well as the sun, in­clude fore­ground de­tails. Fo­cus one-third of the way in (or use Pho­toPills to ob­tain the hy­per­fo­cal dis­tance) and shoot.

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