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NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

1 Go Solo

Im­port TYLR17.dng into Light­room’s De­velop mod­ule. Right-click on any panel and choose Solo Mode. Now when you click to open one panel, the pre­vi­ous one will close. Open the Ba­sic panel. Here you can make global ad­just­ments to the photo. Drag the Shad­ows slider right to a value of +47. This tar­gets and light­ens the shad­ows.

2 Darken the sky

Click on the Grad­u­ated Fil­ter icon in the tool­bar be­low the his­togram win­dow. Choose Ex­po­sure from the Ef­fect menu. Set the Ex­po­sure slider to -1.39, and the other slid­ers to 0. Click at the top of the frame and drag down to the hori­zon. This cre­ates a gen­tle grad­u­ated tonal ad­just­ment that dark­ens the top of the frame. Click on Done.

3 Ex­pand the tonal range

The his­togram graph doesn’t reach the far right, in­di­cat­ing that the photo lacks strong high­light in­for­ma­tion. Click the cur­sor on the far right of the his­togram win­dow and the Whites slider will be­come high­lighted. Click and drag right to in­crease the Whites slider set­ting to +45. You now have a wider ranger of tones.

4 Se­lec­tively boost the colours

Click on the HSL panel, and then on the Sat­u­ra­tion tab. Drag the Orange slider to +71 to boost the colours of the sun­set with­out al­ter­ing those in the rest of the photo. If you’re not sure which colours are present in a darker area, click on the Tar­geted Ad­just­ment tool icon at the top-left of the Sat­u­ra­tion tab, then on a green hill to tar­get it.

5 Make tar­geted ad­just­ments

With the Tar­geted Ad­just­ment tool, click and drag up­wards on the hill to sam­ple the colours there and in­crease their sat­u­ra­tion. This causes the Green and Yel­low slid­ers to move to the right. Stop drag­ging up­wards when Yel­low is at +49 and Green is around a value of +26. You can man­u­ally tweak in­di­vid­ual slid­ers too.

6 Lighten the hills

Click on the Lu­mi­nance tab. With the Tar­geted Ad­just­ment tool, click on a hill, then drag up­wards to lighten the sam­pled colours. Let the Yel­lows shoot up to +71. Man­u­ally drag the Green slider up to +86. The lighter yel­lows have blown out the sky, so click on the Grad­u­ated Fil­ter icon, then on its Edit pin, and drag the Ex­po­sure slider to -1.93.

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