Key SkillS / Out­door light­ing with flash­guns

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1 Flash­guns and trig­gers

With two flash­guns we can make a sim­ple cross-light setup. You don’t need ex­pen­sive flash­guns for this, as they just have to have man­ual con­trol and an op­ti­cal slave, and even the cheap­est flash­guns will of­fer that. Our bare flash­gun has a wire­less trig­ger at­tached.

2 Set to slave

Our sec­ond flash­gun is set to op­ti­cal slave (some­times called SU-4 on Nikon Speed­lights). This means it’ll fire when it de­tects the other flash go­ing off, as long as there’s a de­cent line of sight be­tween the two. Di­rect­ing the flash­gun into a sil­ver um­brella soft­ens the light.

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